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Frequently asked questions


Q : How do I sign up for OutdoorLoop?
A : When signing up for Outdoorloop you have the option to sign up with you Facebook login, Twitter Login or create a new user with an email address. None of your personal information is stored and are only used to help you find friends and post your photos to social media.

Q: How do I find friends already using OutdoorLoop?
You can find friends by going to your settings section and choosing Find Friends. You have the option of searching your address book, by email or even your Twitter and Facebook friends list. You can also easily invite your friends and family by choosing search by Address Book and selecting the names you want to invite.

Q: How do I start following locations?
You can quickly add new locations to follow by going to your settings and selecting Locations. You can either follow locations by county or pin your own custom location. Also when viewing images anytime throughout the application you can tap on the location name on the top right hand corner of each image to immediately begin following that location.

Q: How do I create a custom location?
Just go to your settings and choose Locations. From there, tap on Pin Custom Location and begin to place the pin where you want your custom location to be touching and dragging the red pin. Tap the pin once and you will be able to create a custom name for the location. Now your custom location is available for you and others to geotag photos to follow!!

Q: What if I don't want others knowing my hunting locations?
Geotagging your photos is not mandatory and those who follow your profile will still get to see your photos in their timeline! Don't worry about giving away your best fishing spots but still be able to brag to your friends!!

Q: How do I share a photo to Facebook or Twitter?
When viewing a photo, tap on the action icon on the bottom right corner of the image and select the social network you want to share with. Even share images over email!

Q: How do I see all the locations I am following?
When on the Map View, tap the location button on the top right corner of the screen and a drop down of all your locations will appear. Cycle through your locations easily by selecting the one you wish to view.

Have another question, a suggestion or a comment? Contact us via Twitter@OutdoorLoop or with Facebook Fan Page